Ok, let’s begin. My main intention is to play around with Docker containers and see if there are any benefits for Automation testers.

Given that the world is moving from a VM world to a container world it’s kinda obvious that one has to move towards containers but it’s not…

=> 3 Docker command to list all the container and stop

Working with docker for the first time can be a daunting task in itself.

Especially when you have to stop a container and re-run for multiple times makes the task even harder

Below are a few commands which make the tasks a little easier

docker container ps -aq

This will give you the ids of all the list of containers that is available

docker container stop $(docker container ps -aq)

This will stop all the containers that are running

docker container rm $(docker container ps -aq)


docker container prune

This will remove all the containers that are running. However, the second command will ask for you to confirm again and will remove only the stopped containers.

=>2 Find the list of packages that we have installed globally

Sometimes we can't quite figure out if we have installed the packages locally or globally. To add to the agony we might not be sure if the script works because of our global package or the ones in package.json.

This is when we can find out if we have installed by just typing

npm list -g

this command will provide the list of the global package that we have installed on our machine. But there is one problem, it will give the list of packages that we have installed and the sub packages

To filter the list of global packages to the level that we need we have the option of restricting the results with depth

npm list -g --depth 0


npm list -g — depth=0

This command will filter the list that we actually installed.

Well, after various failed attempts to create a youtube platform finally with some plan to create videos on WebdriverIO I am starting this.

I bought the site 17thsep.net after so much conviction that from that date I will start doing things as planned. It only took 432 days to get started since then. As they say ‘Better late than never’

The Plan

I will begin with some basic videos on what is tools, frameworks, and programming language and why do we need all those.

Surprisingly I find this the most misused thing in the world of testing.

I want to say support me, but I don't have a video yet so Stay tuned!



Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqaDA1xslraCbam2CxuKhUw/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/17thsep/

Seventeenth Sep

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